Popular Fitness Supplements

COQ1O – cell energy and metabolism, prevents cell damage. Dose: 10-300 mg. Foods containing: none

L-Glutamine – helps with restoration of damaged cells in the muscle, speeds up recovery. One of the nonessential amino acids, important during and after training. It neutralizes the catabolic effects of Cortisol. Regulates body’ s acid base balance, Electrolyte levels, removes ammonia. Vit B-6 is needed in abundance in order for L-Glut to work properly.

Protein powders/meal replacement – increased protein intake when meal is low in macro nutrient. Improves tissue repair, and increases metabolism. No more than two a day it should never take the place of real food.

Creatine Monohydrate – provides energy without the calories, the primary energy source for muscular movement and heat production is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) it is made through a process that directly involves Creatine Phosphate. Help draw water into the muscle cell and creates a good chemical balance that favors growth and recovery.

Pro-Hormones – mimics ergogenics, by increasing Nitrogen Retention, protein synthesis and decreasing recovery time. Increase circulation and blood flow to muscle.

Yohimbe – african bark, aides with fat lypolisis of A2 receptors. It is a thermogenic extender . By binding with the A2 receptors it block the decrease in Noraldrenaline production caused be extended dieting.

Fat burners – creates increase in body temperature, aids in Lypolisis. Careful not to create addiction and lack of potency through excess use. Cycle off after 6-8 weeks. Reintroduce after 3 weeks of abstinence.

Calcium D Glucarate – helps rid body of toxins, prevents cancer by allowing androgen and Estrogen balance. Helps make muscle harder with higher doses above 500 mgs. Studies show no toxicity with long term use. Has been compared to Tamoxifen a drug given to women with breast cancer.

In general all supplements are created to increase muscle recovery by aiding in recuperation time for greater muscle mass. Not all supplements are created equal, and are not for everyone. Please note any medical history you may have. I.E. heart disease, high blood pressure, or other medical conditions that could be contra indicative to herbal use. Find out from your doctor if taking prescription drugs that may interfere at your local fitness center. Always start with the lower dose and slowly increase over time.